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You have seconds to capture a potential customer’s interest online…

our services, website design servicesCustomers don’t read anymore, they scan important keywords. Do you have the right information in the right places?  No? We can help!
Customers judge your business by what they see on your website. They want to know what to expect from your business before they even step into your store. The way your website looks says a lot about your and your business. It could relay to the customer that your business is cheap, premium, experienced or even going out of business. What does your online presence say about your business?
Unusable websites are the biggest barriers for potential customers. 50% of websites fail to comply with basic usability standard and 50% of online sales are lost due to visitors not finding what they are looking for. Most people who search online are in a rush, hungry or already frustrated. A disorganized website will only add to that frustration and drive your potential customer away. Usability is built-in to every website we build.
Satisfied customers need a constant reminder that you exist. Ensure that your business is on top, by being on the same page as your customers are. How do you stay on top? We can help!
  • Your company is unique. Shouldn’t your website be as well?
  • With a skilled & dedicated team of web designers, developers, promoters & support staff…we ensure that you will receive the best service possible. 
  • If your site is hard to navigate you can guarantee your users will not be coming back. We can fix it!
  • The colors on your site help relay your brand and keep your users engaged.
  • Once your design layout and concept is complete, our team will begin to create customized informative content for your site. That will include composing the actual pages.
  • Competitor Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Web Development
  • Process Optimization
  • Technical Support
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Management System
  • eCommerce
new website services

new website service

  • Document Management System
  • Membership System
  • Blog / News Management
  • Business Directory / Listings
  • Social Media Integration — Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Mobile-Optimised Website
  • Password-Protected Pages / Client Area
  • Weekly/Monthly Maintenance

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