Redesign Your Old Website

Why Should You Redesign Your Old Website?

Redesign Your Old WebsiteRedesigning a website doesn’t mean changing every single little thing about it including branding. It refers to changing up the
functionality and feel of your site so that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. Yes, a more aesthetically pleasing website can do wonders, but websites that are user-friendly are 100 times more successful in the long run.

Technology advances quickly. It is important that your website remains current with the newest technology, because that’s what consumers use, the newest technology. Sometimes you are reluctant to lay out the expense to redesign your old website, but if done properly, redesigning can mean a higher return on investment. A tired-looking site is not an effective marketing tool.

Everyone wants to grow their business in order to generate more revenue from it.

Most business owners have websites and know the importance of it. If you really don’t know or don’t care about your business website, then try to expand your knowledge. Your website is the greatest tool for expanding your business. If you have an old looking outdated website then must read ahead.

Excellent Reasons to Redesign Your Old Website

Your Website Technology Is Out of Date – However, some website platforms and content management systems haven’t been kept up. They may have been wonderful a few years ago, but if your website was built on an older technology you will find that your editing choices will become more and more limited as new features become available. You may also be more vulnerable to security breaches and unwanted hacks. By redesigning your website on a more contemporary, flexible and progressive platform, your website will adapt to the new technology and maintain greater security.

Your Website Design Looks Old and Outdated – Don’t judge a book by its cover… but we all do it anyway! First impressions count. Research shows that you only have seconds to get a user’s attention and to engage them. The quality of your website design is a direct reflection of your business, so it is important that your website looks professional, fresh and modern. If the aesthetics of your website design is old and outdated, chances are that your visitor’s experience won’t be great, to say the least.

Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly – Mobile users expect to get what they want very quickly and easily. It is important that your website is optimized for mobile devices to ensure the best user experience. With approximately 40% of website visits come from mobile devices. If you are simply delivering a desktop version of your website, that will definitely cause you to lose business.

You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want – No matter how much you like your website, you would like it more if got you the results you wanted. Getting your goal results is a direct result of how you attract, engage and optimize your website towards your business goals. Before committing to a website redesign, you need to define your goals and exactly what you want your website to do for you. You already have the experience of having a website, so it shouldn’t be hard to reassess and use the new technology to improve your online presence. Once you’ve set your goals and know what you want your website to do, you are now ready to build a functional and effective website.

Your Business Focus Changes – Business goals change often and you want your website to support these changes. The great thing about technology is that it allows your business the ability to shift focus quickly. 

Your Website Made in ‘Flash’ – That is horrible. It’s not about looking bad, but most search engines can’t crawl flash websites properly. That results in very low search engine ranking and ultimately results in low traffic on your website.

Your Website is Difficult to Update Content and Maintain – If you have a static website, you have to update your source code when you need to add or update content on your website. It’s a difficult task for most non-technical people to handle. Both people and search engines want fresh content. If you want an easy way to manage the content of your website, build your website using a CMS. Content management system is a computer application where you update & edit your website content.

“Ask the right questions”, said the wise old man.

redesign your websiteSocial media, online review sites, cloud applications, lead management systems, and mobile websites barely existed five years ago. Businesses that want to thrive learn to capitalize on available new technology to help them deliver the better product. If you don’t redesign your old website to integrate it with the new technology, you may find it hard to keeping up within your industry.

Your website is a living part of your business. It should evolve and change accordingly as your business grows and as technology advances. Don’t think that if you redesign your website it all ends there. Your website should always be re-evaluated, maintained, measured, enhanced, improved and kept up with new technologies as they become available.