Why Do I Need Web Analytics?

Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis & reporting of internet data. The collected data is then used for the purpose of understanding and optimizing web usage.

why do i need web analyticsAnalytics is as important as having a business objective. Whatever is the purpose of your website may be, you need analytics.

This is the only way to measure your success or failure, as there is no meaning in having objectives unless they can be achieved.

By progressively tracking the progress of the objectives and checking whether they are fulfilling the tasks they are intended to, and take necessary actions as and when required. 

Our web analytic service provides our customers the opportunity to measure their websites success and failure quickly. That enables us with the ability to respond and make immediate changes and determine how productive those changes are.

5 Reasons You Should Use Web Analytics

  1. Keyword Insight – You may be under the impression that just because you’re a small business owner, you’re closer to the customer and understand the words and phrases that are driving people to your site. In all reality, analytics give you proof through the data. Analytics provide insight into which words are the big drivers to your site. It shows you how many people searched the specific term, and also if they are a new or returning visitor and how long they stayed at your site. 
  2. Customer Insight – Now that you understand what your customers are looking for, it gives you a better idea of who they are, how they behave, how they segment their keywords and compare it to how you are segmenting. With this data, you’ll find the most interesting ways your customers behave. 
  3. Social Insight – This insight allows you to readjust your manpower and money to one channel more so than another. These social insights allow you to: 
    • Identify the traffic coming to your site and what that traffic does on your site
    • Understand which of your social channels are the top performers with your target audience
    • Equips you with the right data to make more informed decisions
  4. Page Quality – Page analytics give you insight into how your site is helping users meet their needs, or if they’re simply coming and then just leaving. This includes data on how each page on your site is performing by whether or not it is sending potential leads down the funnel to conversion. 
  5. Trends and Conclusions – Analytics are meant to help you see not only the differences in data from week to week but also to let you see the trends over time. Don’t draw conclusions too quickly. Ensure that with the trends and segmentation, you can find what is driving people away from your site. 

why do i need web analyticsIf analytics is “the science of analysis“, then what is analysisWhy Do I Need Web Analytics?

“Analysis is the process of breaking up a complex subject into smaller parts in order to gain a better understanding of it so that we can optimize it!”

Next time you want to complain that web analytics is too hard, try analyzing your own family life and see how you can break it down into smaller tasks, understand them and improve on them. 

The Valuable Information that Google Analytics Brings to You

  • The number of shoppers visiting a site
  • If a consumer is visiting that website for the first time
  • The number of pages on average that customers view
  • How long shoppers stay on the website
  • If consumers are engaging with the website
  • The customers’ value (searching for stuff, scheduling service, requesting more information, etc)