You Have seconds to Capture a Potential Customer’s Interest Online

You Have seconds to Capture a Potential Customer's Interest OnlineYou Have seconds to Capture a Potential Customer’s Interest Online

You have seconds to capture a potential customer’s interest online because customers no longer read like they used to, they scan. When scanning, customers usually search for keywords. Those important keywords that customers are scanning for should be front and center on your website. Do you have the right information in the right places? We can help. Right now people can be desperately searching for your services. Are you ready to be found? What does your online presence say about your business? Let us design your online presence. Many customers who do searches online are hurried or already frustrated. A disorganized website only adds to that frustration, driving them to look elsewhere. Usability is priority one for all of the websites that we create.


WHAT IS THIS SITE ABOUT? The website visitor should be able to figure out what the website is about within the first few seconds of landing on your page. You can accomplish this with your logo, slogan, and website copy on your homepage.

DOES IT CAPTURE THEIR INTEREST? With attention span shorter than a goldfish, it’s a must that your website capture visitors’ interest within the first few seconds. You can accomplish this with a well thought out and up-to-date design. 

WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? Your website should be optimized to turn visitors into leads. A clear call to action telling website visitors where to go to buy, fill out a form, or whatever action you would like them to perform, is a critical aspect of making your website successful.

DO I WANT TO SHARE THIS EXPERIENCE? In the social media age, sharing content found online has become the norm. Would a visitor recommend your website or be willing to share it with a friend? Is your design so awesome that everyone who lands on the website wants to show everyone they know?

If your website design passes this test, you are good to go! If your friend struggles to answer these questions, it may be time to revisit your site design.