You Need More than Just a Website

website design by dathonie

In the last two decades, website development has changed dramatically. It all started as plain HTML documents.  Websites are now dynamic and responsive. Websites are the new business cards, and sites like Google are the new Yellow Pages. With these changes, the way we do business is also changing. No longer is it possible to simply place an ad in the local paper to advertise effectively. Businesses also need to consider search engine optimization and social media.

SEO has also changed from being able to add a few keywords to improve ranking, to requiring extensive SEO tools, or pay-per-click for adwords. It is a marketing strategy that consistently needs to be maintained and updated to ensure you receive the best ranking. In some ways, this in itself is a full time job, if you don’t want to rely heavily on print advertising.

Social media is making things easier however, with the ability to reach more people than ever before. Social media allows for a more personal side of business, reducing the sales pitch to a thing of the past. Where a good review online from a customer can mean the difference between whether or not you do business with a potential client. Or where your friend on Facebook, is looking for a product that your business is selling. Social media is the future of marketing, and that is why, for the sake of your business, you need more than just a website.

Having just a website nowadays just isn’t enough. You need a performing website. Your website needs to attract customers or potential customers. You need to educate your customers and potential customers on your services or products, and convince them to use you because you are the best.